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Is an ancient form of divination. Your own electro-magnetic energy field, intent, your essence, and the part you play in life, allows the Tarot Cards to be used as a tool to help guide you on your path. The Tarot deck comprises cards, which represent archetypal images, whose origins are rooted in European Mysticism. These images usually correspond with your unconscious intent, potential and destiny, and subsequently, you may recognize the value of the guidance contained therein. The cards can be considered as the representations of your own archetypal qualities, and by bringing this information to the conscious thinking level, you may be stimulated to consider change, growth and revelation for your highest god.

To start, please pick a deck from those available in the select box below. The LD and SD after the deck name indicate long descriptions and short descriptions respectively. You'll have a chance to review the deck you pick on the next screen before you choose a spread for your reading. You can always return here by clicking "Tarot Home" above. We wish you only good fortune!

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