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Dating - 21 Hot Tips: How to find Mr. (Mrs.) Right!

Published: Jun 09, 2007 - 10:38 AM

1) Be yourself. Be the person you are trying to attract.

2) When you first meet someone, make eye contact and show you are interested in starting a conversation.

3) Date with the intention of having fun and letting go of any expectations.

4) To help calm your nerves before going out on a date, take a few deep breaths, focus on what you are thankful for in your life. This will help you feel great and then...smile.

5) Don't prejudge. A good one may pass you by.

6) Have a sense of humor. Laughter is rated #1 as the most attractive quality.

7) Date someone more than once, to really get to know them.

8) Date a lot of people to know what you really like.

9) Take care of yourself...exercise, eat healthy and get plenty of rest! Feeling good on the inside shines through on the outside.

10) Stick to your values?honoring your own boundaries is attractive.

11) Focus on developing a friendship first. Hold on to your heart and don?t get serious too quickly.

12) Be aware of your thought patterns that are not serving you; for example, I'm too fat or he/she will never be interested in me.

13) Be aware of your "gold nuggets" that already exist within you. You are unique!

14) Don't focus your conversations on past negative relationships.

15) Be aware of how you are feeling during the date?This feels right! This does not feel quite right! Listen to your "inner voice."

16) Be open to trying new things that interest the other person. Have fun!

17) Be spontaneous.

18) Be proud of who you are.

19) Don't be afraid to say no.

20) Be honest?a relationship without trust is a waste of time.

21) Once again...BE YOURSELF. Be the person you are trying to attract.

For additional information contact Joanie Winberg at 508-947-2750 or http://www.datingprep.com.


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