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How You Can Naturally Stop The Process of Female Hair Loss

Published: Apr 30, 2007 - 01:48 PM

Hair loss in women is becoming a more and more prevalent and frequent occurrence in women today. It is estimated that over 25 million American women suffer FPB, or female pattern baldness - and they suffer the emotionally devastating consequences this brings with it.
The fact is, many women lose their hair due elements often felt to be out of their control, like hormonal fluctuations, stress and anxiety, and genetic predisposition for female hair loss. There are ways you can bring these elements under control and regrow lost hair, as well as prevent future hair loss.

What's even more upsetting is that a large part of menopause symptoms is female pattern baldness (FPB), and this is caused by sharp drops in estrogen and an increase in other "female hair-unfriendly" hormones such as androgens (male hormones).

Most women don't know that there are actually specific natural remedies that are geared towards a woman's body and target different causes involved in hair loss than the male formulas do. Think about it - it really does makes sense. Why would you treat a woman's hair loss the same as a man's when the very causes of the receding or thinning hair are different due to biological differences between the sexes.

Since the most effective way to provide your follicles with the essential nutrients they need is through the bloodstream - which means an oral remedy is most effective. An effective woman's hair loss supplement should be taken orally and absorbed quickly, to promote new, healthy hair growth.

The most common type of hair loss seen in females is androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern alopecia. The term Alopecia usually refers to full or partial balding or hair loss. Most times with women, they will notice a gradual thinning of their hair which becomes of a concern, especially when certain patches can become noticeably thin.

Unlike men, where the pattern of balding is seen primarily at the forefront of the forehead (otherwise known as a receding hair line, or widow's peak), the pattern in women for partial balding is seen primarily in the areas on the top and sides of the head.

Hormones play the majority of the role in hair loss in women. This is why typically the times when a woman will most likely see hair loss start to become an issue is around times of hormonal flux, such as post pregnancy and menopause, or even in times of extreme duress. Stress is a huge influencer of hormonal balance, and when we feel overly stressed or anxious, this manifests in hormonal fluctuations which can result in skin problems, and hair loss, to name just a few things.

Tips to Keep the Hair You Have, Prevent Further Hair Loss and Help to Protect Current Hair

1.) Scalp Massage. Get yourself a good, stimulating scalp massage oil. My favorite is a natural scalp oil by Jason's Naturals. It can be found in natural food stores, or you may be able to purchase it online. This scalp massage oil helps stimulate circulation of the scalp and remove dead skin and deposits that may get in the way of healthy hair growth and the health of the follicles which actually are the gateway to healthy growth and maintenance.

2.) Every time you wash your hair, be sure to massage the scalp as well. Do not choose shampoos that are drying. Instead choose shampoos that are creamier and contain clarifying ingredients. Look for the words "scalp health" or something to that effect on your shampoo formula. This means it contains ingredients that are clarifying to the follicle area and won't leave debris or residue on the scalp.

3.) Avoid wearing you hair up - at all. Even barettes can have an effect on your hair health and growth. Any restrictions on that are a no-no. Tight ponytails especially. Try to keep you hair as free as possible.

4.) Also avoid processing. This means coloring, straightening, perming, highlighting, blowing dry excessively, straight ironing, curling irons and any other high heat or harsh chemical methods of styling the hair. These will just aggravate your condition by further weakening the internal structure and outside bonds of the hair shaft, as well as drying the scalp and irritating it further, making the hair fall out more easily at the root.

5.) There are also some quality hair thickening shampoos and conditioners that are actually designed for women with naturally thin, limp hair. These types of products are usually heavily fortified with amino acids and proteins, which are great building blocks to healthy, strong and thick hair. Why not use them to your advantage?

See Female Hair Loss Remedies for more information on how to naturally regrow hair and prevent hair loss in women. Danna Schneider is the founder of Herbal Remedies, a site dedicated to providing reviews and articles on the most effective natural herbal remedies and products.

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