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Jane Cauldwell

Published: Nov 29, 2006 - 09:58 AM

7 steps to looking and feeling 10 years younger this festive season.

With the festive season well and truly upon us it must surely be time for over-eating, drinking excessively, spending too much money and slaving over the cooker for weeks on end in order to create the perfect christmas!
But what if this year you do things a little differently? what if instead of tearing yourself apart, you were to use the holiday season to relax and pamper yourself? impossible? not at all. imagine how good you?ll feel as you begin the new year feeling refreshed, even more beautiful and most of all relaxed!

Here are 7 easy steps you can take starting right now to make it through the festive season looking and feeling 10 years younger!

#1. stop! and learn to delegate. i know you?ve still got a thousand and one things to do and not enough time to do them all! that?s why you should pause, take a deep breath ? think what absolutely needs to be done and then delegate all the jobs you least enjoy. you?ll free up important time that you can spend on the most important person in your life- you!

#2. make it your goal to drink eight glasses of water, every day. essential during the festive season. no matter how disciplined you are, drinking alcohol will leave you dehydrated. do your body a favor and keep on drinking water regularly throughout the month.

#3. eat healthily at home during the festive season. whenever you spend a night in, eat plenty of soups, salads and fruit so that a little indulgence whilst socialising won?t set you back. have breakfast every single day, limit your caffeine intake and enjoy herbal teas instead.

#4. cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin every single night. no matter how tired you are, sleeping with make up only results in clogged pores, breakouts and lacklustre sallow skin.

#5. only attend the parties you really want to go to. christmas parties are fun but you?ll enjoy them even more if you pick the best of the crop. i often find myself with too many invites between mid november and christmas eve, but by the third party they all seem to morph into one and it starts to get a bit boring. so nowadays i only pick the ones that sound too good to be missed, or are filled with the people i most want to be with. this ensures i have a wonderful time but i still manage to get enough ?me? time as well!

#6. give santa (clear) hints, so he knows what to get you for christmas. i find little luxuries work best to lift me up and put the ?giver? into my good books for another year. potions and lotions that are right for your skin type and elegantly packaged should do it. great lingerie in correct size also makes you feel like the goddess you are! it?s always a good idea to ask for things you really want but might feel are a little too frivolous to buy for your self.

#7. book yourself a beauty treatment some time during the festive month. a mini-manicure will suffice but a full body massage or a deep cleaning facial will make you feel fantastic!

Good luck over the next few weeks and i wish you a wonderful and healthy christmas.

jane cauldwell is an author, speaker and lifestyle coach and author of http://www.10yearsyoungerin3weeks.com

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