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Don?t Fool Yourself. You Need Exercise!

Published: Aug 08, 2005 - 06:49 PM

Action is a law of our being. Every organ of the body has its appointed work to do, the performance of which strengthens and develops that organ. The normal action of all the organs gives strength and vigor to the body, while the tendency of disuse is toward decay and death.
Bind up an arm, even for a few hours, weeks or days, and then free it from its bonds. You will notice that it is weaker than the one you have been using normally during the same period of time. Inactivity produces the same effect upon the whole muscular system.

Inactivity is a fruitful cause of disease. Exercise quickens and equalized the circulation of blood, but in idleness, the blood does not circulate freely, and the changes in it, so necessary to life and health, do not take place.

The skin, also, becomes inactive. Impurities are not expelled as they should if the circulation had been quickened by vigorous exercise, the skin kept in health condition, and the lungs fed with plenty of pure, fresh air. This state of the system throws a double burden on the excretory organs and often results in disease.

In order to keep of the organs healthy and in proper working condition, see your holistic health care professional regularly and get off the couch and exercise!

Kelly J. Harris
Dedicated Woman

Kelly J. Harris is a well-regarded expert in the field of nutrition, exercise, and holistic health care and wellness. She is a Certified Massage Therapist, clinic director of the Wellness Institute of Nevada (located in Las Vegas, Nevada) and owner of Dedicated Woman, a vitamin and nutritional product e-store designed for women. Her products can be found in the Las Vegas area health food stores. She also offers her products online at dedicatedwoman.com (site is under constrution). Dedicated Woman provides affordable supplements to help woman of any age look and feel great, loose weight, tone-up, increase stamina/Libido, build muscle and increase mental focus. For more information visit us at http://www.dedicatedwoman.com.

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