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Thinking of Breast Augmentation? Why You Don't Need Breast Implants - Natural Me

Published: Jul 22, 2005 - 07:09 PM

Have you seriously considered surgery to increase the size of your breasts? There are a lot of issues you should seriously consider before you make this choice, as well as other, natural options you should be aware of before making such an important decision.

First, some women believe breast implants are lifetime devices. This is not true. Implants need to be replaced approximately once every ten years of your life. This means you may undergo surgery several times in your life just for implant replacement, possibly even more if you have complications related to the surgery or the implant itself.

Many of the changes to your breast following implantation are irreversible. If you later choose to have your implants removed, it is possible you may see dimpling, puckering, wrinkling, and other undesirable cosmetic changes in appearance happen to your breasts.

Health insurance premiums may increase for patients who have undergone breast augmentation surgery, even if it was for reconstructive purposes. Also, be aware that treatment of any related complications may not be covered by your health insurance, and many times the corrective surgery can cost much more than the initial implant surgery.

Even better, skip the surgery, and seriously consider an alternative form of breast augmentation - a natural, noninvasive treatment or system that can enlarge your breasts a few cup sizes with the correct usage and adequate time for best results. Most natural breast enlargement systems consist of varying blends of natural herbs and compounds that are known to stimulate the mammary glands and facilitate and encourage the growth of new breast tissue by promoting just the right hormonal balance.

There are even devices now that have been proven to stimulate new breast tissue growth through the utilization of suction(the Brava system). This system has worked for many women, but common complaints are heard about how long the device needs to be worn every day, making it an inconvenience, and the mandatory physician supervision seems to be another drawback.

In short, there has been an overwhelming demand for alternative breast enlargement products, and of course, marketers have in turn overwhelmed the marketplace with new products constantly being introduced. Be aware not all of these products are created equally - not by far. Some of them do not work at all, and some even can cause hormone-related problems like acne and PMS-like symptoms for the whole duration of treatment, while this should only be a possible side effect at the beginning, while your body is adjusting itself (similar to the birth control pill).

These authentic natural breast enhancement products are the secret plastic surgeons don't want you to know about. There are some excellent products that really deliver results for a high percentage of women desiring larger breasts who don't want surgery. Do the research, you'll find this truly can be an effective and realistic option to pursue.

Danna Schneider is the founder and webmaster of http://www.cosmeticsgalore.com , a site that provides cosmetic enhancement product reviews and analysis. She has recently launched a new & exciting site specifically targeted to women looking for natural breast enhancement information that includes volumes of articles, reviews, testimonials, and also serves as a forum for women seeking breast augmentation alternatives at http://www.natural-breast-guide.com .

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