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Women and Beauty

Published: Jun 26, 2005 - 10:56 AM

Women?s Issues are the greatest disease of all times. It does spread from woman to woman, from generation to generation, from century to century. However, no cure has been found for a ?disease? which doesn?t exist under the eyes of a dysfunctional society, but it?s widely propagated, promoted and contagious among Women. Women Issues are the cause of why women are unhappy, out of balance, get sick and Spiritually and mentally remain enslaved by this globally oriented Patriarchal society.
I title this page Women and Beauty because indeed Beauty is at the core of all Women?s issues. In the consciousness of the vast majority of women, coexist the belief that a woman?s value is based on her Beauty first then her brains. I believe for this to be truth, however, what is the perception we have about beauty, is where the problem resides. In this society we have been wrongfully manipulated to believe and mislead, when it comes to ?decode? what Beauty is all about.

Because Women don?t feel Special is why they don?t feel beautiful. Because Women don?t feel Special is why they feel jealousy, envy, rivalry, are competitive and aggressive towards other women. With all these barriers put between them, still they all have something in common. They all worship, desire or search for Beauty. Most women will love to look like a top model, because they think they will feel special. All my life I have asked myself the same question; but what is being beautiful? Many years later I found the response. Being Beautiful, is To Feel Special. Is it really that simple because when you feel special, you feel Beautiful; and the only way to feel special is by loving yourself.

The lesson here for us Women is to Remember who we are and learn how to love ourselves once again and forever. Loving yourself means to take the necessary steps to recover and honor your stolen power. How do you do that? By Empowering yourself mentally, Spiritually, emotionally and physically. Once you accomplish that, you'll feel the most Beautiful and powerful woman in the world. But the most important thing is that you'll appreciate and honor other women's beauty and power as well.

To feel Beautiful, you don't need to look like a top model. Being a Beautiful sexy Woman is not about how "perfect" your body is, but most important how do you feel about your body and how you choose to express that. We will never change "The Beauty Industry's Standards and stereotypes" until we Women first, don't change the way we see ourselves.

If you look around and try to find Beauty to become like, you'll never find it, because Beauty is on the inside. Beauty is Unique and can not be copied. When you properly take care of yourself from the inside out, re-connect with the Spirit, Empower your mind and strengthen your emotional self, then that Beauty will start to show up to the surface. Because Beauty is all about the inner self; when you acknowledge your inner Beauty and take care of your physical self, miracles can happen.

I believe our body is a sacred temple and we should honor it by taking responsible care of it. When it comes to Beauty, women try to buy all kinds of stuff they see on TV and magazines, without really understanding how the same products that promise ?beauty? actually become the ?killers of beauty?. Every day millions of women reach out for shampoo, conditioner, body cream, deodorant, skin care products, cosmetics, and many other products we use in our everyday life. What we don?t know or fully understand is that these products have been scientifically proved to create cancer cells.

What many women don?t know is that in their search for beauty, they are poisoning themselves and intoxicating their bodies with deadly substances. I deeply believe in beauty and keeping ourselves beautiful and healthy, but in a wise, healthy way.

If you don?t care to know what are the ingredients on the labels of the beauty products you use or buy, you better start to seriously reconsider the choices you are consciously or unconsciously making. Start using Certified Organic Skin Care and Cosmetics.

?We look good, we smell good, and we have just exposed ourselves TO 200 different chemicals a day through personal products? US News & World Report

In Wise Women ~ Sacred Women we believe in identifying
problems, finding the causes, and offering alternative solutions.

Health Food for Your Skin?

Certified Organic 100% FREE of ALL synthetic Chemicals.
NO alphabet soup of synthetic chemicals in ACO CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCTS.

Treat your skin to an organic diet of energizing herbs, healing plants, soothing essential oils, nourishing fruits and nuts and strengthening vitamins, courtesy of nature itself.
You?ll look naturally beautiful, feel healthier, and have the personal satisfaction of contributing to the support of both sustainable agricultural practices and environmentally friendly companies.


In light, love and health
truly yours Ana Sola

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